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Cure? Disease? Solution? Problem?

I hate the internet generally; I hate LiveJournal particularly. And I hate the 1970's too.

Take your polls, quizzes, memes, trivia, and stick them. Bad photography? Animal close-ups? One more image of the Eiffel Tower or Chicago Bean? A picture of your sad face to let me know that you're sad? Stick them all. Embedded YouTube video? Stick it.

It's a bunch of crap, you know it, and you're only doing it because it appears that everyone else is doing it too. Sure, connect with others -- but validate yourself. Are you waiting for approval from someone? Everyone? Stand up. Walk away from the screen. Read a "real" book. Take a trip to a place that no one goes. Go to see a small, bad play performed by really serious young actors. Vote. Grow a flower. Get off your ass and do something. Blah, blah, blah.

But I digress. A post in Flickr. A flashback. 1970's television serials:

image.jpg, originally uploaded by Austie Jonez.

Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch
Look at these freaking episode titles:
Dr. Crankenstein
Camping With a Go Go
Friday the Thirteenth
Johnny Crash
Is this a children's program, or a Cramp's album? I watched these. I loved them. I had Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch comics...

H.R. Puff 'N Stuff???
"H.R. Pufnstuf -
Who's your friend
when things get rough?
Can't do a little
cuz you can't get enough!"

God damn you Hippie bastards -- hanging out in the park and giving young people LSD. How was my young mind supposed to process that crap? A witch on a rocket-powered broomstick chasing a boy with a magic flute? No nightmares there...

I think, now, that H.R.'s "rescue racer" might have been the first "Steam Punk" object to have been created. Though I can't write that with certainty. And I'd hate to make any offensive suggestions.

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