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American Presidential Election -- Primaries

03 Jan: Iowa
08 Jan: New Hampshire
15 Jan: Michigan
19 Jan: Nevada, South Carolina (R)
26 Jan: South Carolina (D)
29 Jan: Florida
01 Feb: Maine
05 Feb: California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, etc

Republican Nomination:

Within the Party, there is said to be a division between fiscal conservatives and social conservatives. (1) Fiscal conservatives, a/k/a Rockefeller Republicans, a/k/a the oligarchic faction, seem to have thrown their support to Mitt Romney. Watch Mitt Romney.

Noteworthy are George H.W. Bush's [two?] recent invitations to Mitt Romney for the purpose of speaking at the Bush Family's facilities at Texas A&M University. (2)

Too, Mitt Romney seems to have re-invented himself for purpose of winning the hearts -- or at least assuaging the fears -- of the social conservatives participating in the Republican Primaries/Caucuses. Noteworthy are what are said to be substantial changes in Mitt Romney's positions on: immigration; abortion; gay rights; environmental regulation; etc. (3)

Also see "Romney More G.H.W.B. Than J.F.K." at The New York Observer's website. (4)

The leading socially conservative candidate -- Mike Huckabee -- is said to have received substantial critiques via "Conservative" media outlets such as The Rush Limbaugh Show. (5)

Further: Investigate "negative campaigning" by Mitt Romney in Iowa.

Democratic Nomination:

On the opposite side of the aisle, it is my opinion that Hillary Clinton is the candidate who most closely resembles Mitt Romney. Barack Obama is, then, Mike Huckabee's mirror image. (6)

"Real change," as represented within the Democratic Party by Dennis Kucinich [within the Republican Party by Ron Paul,] is being, and has been, marginalized.

It's very hard to lose a race when you own all the horses; and you can't buy the horses without the money. Following Bush v. Gore, and Bush v. Kerry, I lost any remaining faith in the American electoral system. Watching interest in the war diminish [from little to none] I lost any remaining faith in the American people.

(1) See "Rockefeller Republicans" at Wikipedia:
(2) See "Governor Mitt Romney's Remarks at the George Bush Presidential Library Center," including substantial praise of the Bush Family, at Mitt Romney's website:
(3) See a search for "romney flip flop" at Google:
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(6) See previous entry reference votes on war funding.
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