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ace_combs's Journal

30 November
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77 clash, 80s punk, ace combs, aeon flux animated, aerostich gear, all vegetables, alternative energy, anarchy, angel and buffy, any biking, arab eyes, aristotle's teleology, artists, balsamic vinegar, basel, black flag, black forest, blacksmithing, borrowed tosca, buddha-like resignation, bukowski shorts, butch girls, buzzcocks, c-span, candles, cats, cedar incense, cocoa soy milk, coffee, constructing narratives, cooking everything, cosmos, craft, dark hair, dead kennedys, deep tissue, derrida, dignity, dri, effigies, ethical questions, family, fiery tempers, fire, foucault, freedom, fresh lemon slices, furniture design, garlic in oil, gatsby, german people, gong li, growing things, hand tools, hi-tec, hobbes, hot opera, husqvarna products, iggy and the stooges, illinois prairie gardens, independence, ineluctable modality, italian food, joyce, jung, kafka, kant, kbc helmets, klr650, knowledge of the whole, learning the truth, leo strauss, locke, lonnie mack, loss, lovers, low tech, machiavelli, magic sam, making fires, manx things, masonry, mdc, mill, miro, misfits walk among us, miyata bikes, mongolian genes, montesquieu, mortality, moving through space, my forestry, mysticism, naked raygun, nature, nietzsche, noguchi, noodles, observing octopi, old hst, olive oil, ontology, ophiuchus cusps, organic farming, pale ale, pekoe tea, perpetual motion, physical training, picasso, pilsner, pilsner urquell, pixies, plato, platonic secrets, poetry, public image ltd, pure aloe vera gel, quiet time, ramones, rebellion, rebels, red wine, revaluing nietzsche, riding, ripe bosc pears, rockabilly hair, rousseau, sagittarius signs, salt, samuel barber, seduction, short stories, sisters, some dvorak, soy powder, stone, stone carving, straussian obscurantism, strong black coffee, syrian bloodlines, tea, the cramps, the meaning of life, thucydides, true love, turkish legacies, various greens, wd-40, wood, xenophon